Francoise Nielly is an artist characterized by complicated and sophisticated techniques expressing charming and vital energy and strength. Born in the South of France Marseille, she inherited the sense of space composition from the architect's father. Passion for her picture has always been influenced by the color and light of the dazzling French southern coast of Cannes and St. Lopez where she was born and raised. In the work, she does not use any modern technology and uses only oil and palette knife. The colors are scattered roughly on the canvas and become a very powerful work. Recently she has also worked on soccer player Christian Ronaldo, actor Daniel Craig and French president Emmanuel Macron. As a first Japanese model, Masato is appointed.


Everyone in Japan
For many French people Japan is a very mysterious and distant country. In my case, thanks to the Monte Carlo Gallery, I got an opportunity for my work to meet everyone before me. For me art is my life itself. If I lose this art, I definitely have a bigger cavity. I always live in the image world and I am working in this world. I am very glad that I met Japanese people through my work. Francoise,







2018 Galerie PERREAULT, Quebec, Canada
2012 Galerie Twenty Two, Lyon, France
2011 Galerie Villa del Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Moscow, Russia
2010 Gallery Villa del Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Gallery Movart, Zurich, Switzerland
2016 Gallery Art Emotion, Lausanne, Switzerland
2016 Gallery Bartoux - Honfleur, France
2015 101 Art galerie Mexico
2015 Gallery Menouar, Paris, France
2015 World Art, Dubaï
2015 Art Karlsruhe - Gallery Vila del Arte, Germany
2015 Le CARMEL, Tarbes, France
2015 Gallery Menouar, Paris, France
2014 Art Up – Lille, France
2014 Gallery Bartoux ION ORCHARD, Singapore
2013 European Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, France
2013 Gallery Bartoux in HONFLEUR, France

Monte Carlo Gallery is Francoise Nielly's agency in Japan.