When Tunahisa Ogino was in his sensitive age, rock music greatly impacted his songwriting for his band, where he was also the guitarist and vocalist in his teens and twenties. Later, in 2015, he felt great resonance with Yayoi’s Kusama’s art and became inspired artistically just as rock music had inspired him musically. Soon after, Tsunahisa Ogino began painting and creating works one after another, relying solely on his own sensibilities. His works are characterized by a primitive and cosmic powerfulness that rest in the depths of human beings and a style that makes you feel the same fantasy as a fragile glasswork makes you feel.
He continues to be committed towards creating art pieces that inspire energy and power in people. Now, he is expanding his art through exhibitions, art performances, and collaborations with apparel brands



It is a great honor to be welcomed at the Monte Carlo Gallery as both the fourth artist and the first Japanese artist. Words cannot express my excitement for having the opportunity to display my art in Roppongi, a city dominated a stylish and cutting edge culture.
Although I am unsure of what my future holds here in Roppongi, I do know that I will be able to be myself as I reach my fullest potential.
I hope to express my personal art energetically and passionately among the wonderful foreign artists within the gallery. I promise to create powerful art that sets someone’s soul free and brings excitement to one’s heart in the Monte Carlo Gallery.






Ultramarine Creation God