Full of entertainment; Motor sports, Casino, Gastronomy, Music, Fashion, Art…

Monte Carlo is a city where celebrities gather and spend superb moments. 28 years has passed since I visited this enchanting place for the first time.Smiling and chatting gentlemen and ladies in front of Hotel de Paris looked sophisticated with grace, free from any stress of this materialized world. I especially remember the environment of Cote d’Azur gave a strong impression to my sense.Thus Monte Carlo Gallery was born, with my hope to bring you to this amazing air of the place.

The art we provide is by up-and-coming artists with full of energy, which gives comfortable impact to the sense of the matured. It is our happiness if we can tie your lifestyle with destiny’s artworks.

Masaaki Ogiwara


As part of creating an environment where you can enjoy the art to your heart's content, we strive to provide a pleasant sense of distance to our guests. With only necessary communication, art consultants with expertise always wait at the concierge desk so that they can respond to your request anytime. Please feel free to call them.

In addition, to enjoy paintings from different angle, we have arranged a sofa from Cassina IXC. Ltd. Please enjoy elegant art as if you were sitting in the living room of your home.The music that gently wraps around the gallery space is by the audio system of Bang & Olufsen. Please enjoy your time at Monte Carlo gallery, where your sensitivity gets more polished.